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Star melee

Star melee refers to a small, round diamond with a distinctive pattern of six pointed stars visible on its surface. These diamonds are typically less than 0.2 carats in weight and are often used as accent stones in jewelry settings.

The star pattern on the surface of these diamonds is the result of a specific cutting and polishing technique that creates a series of triangular facets around the perimeter of the stone. When light enters the diamond and is reflected off of these facets, it creates the appearance of six points radiating out from the center of the stone.

The star pattern is considered a desirable characteristic in small accent diamonds because it adds visual interest and sparkle to the overall design of a piece of jewelry. The pattern is also used as a means of identifying natural diamonds, as synthetic diamonds or other imitations do not typically exhibit the same star pattern.

Star melee diamonds are commonly used in jewelry settings such as halo rings, where they are used to accent a larger center stone, or in pave settings, where they are clustered together to create a glittering, diamond-studded surface. They are available in a range of colors and clarities, with higher quality diamonds commanding a premium price.