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About Us

Who are we?

Fiona is the First & Only Brand in India to sell Natural Diamonds, Lab – Diamonds & Moissanites all under one roof. This makes the Brand a One Stop Destination for all your jewellery needs.We understand What a Woman really wants! – just Variety, Value & Look. To achieve this, we adapt to the latest trends in the luxury world and curate the most memorable pieces which shall give you a look of a much higher perceived value.Our mission is to make Fine Jewellery Collections at unbelievable prices. We believe that luxury should not come at the cost of the environment so when you choose to wear a jewelry piece, you make a statement that’s larger than a style statement.

Our Promise

We promise to deliver exquisite jewellery pieces with the most remarkable finish, so as to create highly desirable designs & experiences that surpass our customer’s expectations.We shall be your jewellery wardrobe all your life since we promise to give you Lifetime Exchange on all your jewellery and thus keeping your investments safe.

Our Mission

To help create an authentic & transparent jewelry experience at unbelievable prices, just the way you want.

Problem Statement...

Lack of trust & transparency in the Jewelry industry

Who are we?

 We are a passionate team that loves understanding what the customer really wants & help them put their ideas into reality. Fiona Diamonds is the first & only brand in India to sell natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds & moissanites all under one roof. We believe that luxury should not come at the cost of the environment so when you choose to wear a jewelry piece, you make a statement that’s larger than a style statement.   

Our Values




Meet Our Think Tank!

Mr. Chirag Shah

Head of Administration

Mr. Gaurav Golccha

Head of Sales

Mr. Piyush Gilitwala

Head of Marketing

Mrs. Dishita Kapadia

Head of Design

Why choose Fiona Diamonds?



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How Can Fiona Diamonds Help You?

Jewelry for every occasion

Jewelry is an auspicious piece of ownership in India. At Fiona Diamonds we have curated a collection of products suitable for any of your occasions like, Diwali, Navratri & Akshay Tritya. 


Lab Grown Diamonds

Diamonds at a fraction of their cost! Lab Grown Diamonds have disrupted the jewelry industry with unbelievable prices. This is a classic example of how leveraging technology can do wonders.


Gifting Jewelry

Don't look any further for gifts! Whether it's valentine's day or a milestone celebration, we will help you pick the perfect gift for you according to your budget, style & preference.


Customised Jewelry

Every piece of jewelry is unique just like every individual. Hence, we create your desired piece of jewelry, just the way you want. We will convert your thoughts flawlessly into reality.



What's Next?

Just like how Lab Grown Diamonds were introduced in the market, the future of the jewelry industry seems to be extremely interesting & innovative.
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