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Polishing Diamonds

What is Polishing?

Polishing is the process of refining a diamond or other gemstone by removing small amounts of material from its surface to enhance its brilliance, symmetry, and overall appearance. It is an important step in the diamond cutting and finishing process, as it helps to create a diamond that is bright, sparkling, and symmetrical.


What the process is like 

During the polishing process, a diamond is typically mounted onto a polishing wheel, which is coated with a special abrasive material such as diamond dust. The diamond is then spun at a high speed while the polishing wheel gently grinds away any rough or uneven surfaces on the diamond's exterior. This process is repeated until the diamond's facets are perfectly symmetrical and smooth, allowing for maximum light reflection and dispersion.

Benefits of a Polished Diamond

The polishing process can also be used to repair minor surface imperfections, such as scratches or nicks, on a diamond's surface. This can help to restore the diamond's luster and brilliance, and make it look like new again.

It is important to note that while polishing can greatly enhance a diamond's appearance, it can also remove some of its weight. Therefore, it is essential for skilled diamond cutters to strike a balance between achieving the desired appearance and maintaining the diamond's weight and value. A diamond that is polished too aggressively or without proper care can also risk damaging the stone, so it is crucial to have a trained and experienced professional handle the polishing process.