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The International Gemological Institute (IGI) is a nonprofit organization that offers independent certification and grading of diamonds, colored stones, and jewelry. It was founded in Antwerp, Belgium in 1975 and has since established laboratories and offices in various locations worldwide.

The IGI employs experienced gemologists who examine and grade each stone based on the "4 Cs" of diamond quality: carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. They also assess other factors such as fluorescence, symmetry, and polish. The grading process is done using specialized equipment and procedures to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Once a diamond or gemstone is certified by the IGI, it is given a detailed report that includes its unique identification number, weight, measurements, cut, color, clarity, and any other pertinent information. This report serves as a "birth certificate" for the stone and can be used for insurance purposes, as well as for buying and selling.

The IGI is known for its strict grading standards and its reports are highly regarded in the jewelry industry. In addition to diamond grading, the IGI also provides education and training in gemology, as well as research and development in the field.

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