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What is the a Girdle?

The girdle of a diamond refers to the widest part of the diamond that separates the upper portion of the diamond (crown) from the lower portion (pavilion). It is the outer edge of the diamond where the crown and pavilion meet, and can be seen as a thin, narrow band that encircles the diamond.

It provides a point of reference for measuring the diamond's proportions and is used to assess the diamond's symmetry and shape. The thickness of the girdle can also affect the diamond's durability, as a too-thin girdle can make the diamond more prone to chipping or breaking.

Diamond Girdle Types

What is the use of the Girdle?

The girdle can be faceted or polished, depending on the diamond's cut. A faceted girdle contains small, flat facets that help to refract and reflect light, enhancing the diamond's brilliance and fire. A polished girdle is smooth and reflects light, but does not create the same level of sparkle and shine as a faceted girdle.