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In jewelry, the gallery is the open space beneath the main stone of a ring, pendant or other piece of jewelry, which allows light to pass through and illuminate the gemstone. It's also known as the "undercarriage" of the jewelry piece.

The gallery of a ring is the area of metalwork beneath the main stone, between the shank and the prongs or setting that hold the stone in place. The design of the gallery can vary from simple and minimalist to intricate and detailed. It can also be customized to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the stone.

The gallery plays an important role in the overall design of the jewelry piece. It not only enhances the appearance of the stone by allowing light to pass through, but also provides support to the stone and protects it from damage. A well-designed gallery will also allow for easy cleaning and maintenance of the stone.

In addition to its functional and aesthetic purposes, the gallery can also serve as a symbolic element in jewelry design. For example, in engagement rings, the gallery can be designed with intricate patterns or symbols that hold personal significance to the wearer or represent the couple's relationship.

Overall, the gallery is an important aspect of jewelry design that can greatly impact the appearance and functionality of the piece.