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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Moissanite? / What Are These Stones? / Is This A Cubic Zirconia?

• Moissanite is a new category of gemstone with fire, brilliance and lustre more than any other gemstones in the world including diamonds!
• It is NOT a cubic zirconia which is just a piece of glassIt is a gemstone which looks and lasts like a Diamond forever
• It is created in a laboratory

How Close Are Moissanites To Diamonds?
• Moissanites look exactly like Diamonds in VVS clarity and DEF (Forever One) or GHI (Forever Brilliant) color depending on the quality of Moissanite you buy.
• They test as diamonds on a diamond tester. In fact, they are such a close match to diamonds that only a laboratory can tell the difference from diamonds. NO ONE ELSE!

What Is The Cost Difference Between A Moissanite And A Diamond? / What Is The Cost Of Moissanite? / How Affordable Is A Moissanite?
• Fiona Moissanite Solitaires cost about 1/10th the price of a diamond!
• A 1 ct Diamond in GHI color VVS clarity would cost approximately $6,500 versus a 1 ct Moissanite of the same quality for $275A 1 ct Diamond in DEF color VVS clarity would cost approximately $8,500 versus a 1 ct Moissanite of the same quality for $350

How Is A Moissanite Made? / How Are These Stones Made?
• Moissanite was discovered from meteorites by a Russian scientist Henry Moissan but are now created in a laboratory by a proprietary process from Carbon & Silica.

Does Moissanite Last Forever Like Diamonds?
YES! Essentially composed of carbon and silica, it has an incredible hardness of 9.25 just next to diamonds. This would never let it scratch or become cloudy with wear or dull with time.

Are Moissanite Real? How Are They Different From Diamonds?
• Moissanites are gemstones by themselves since they have their own identity. If given to a laboratory for testing they are certified as Moissanite Gemstones.
• They are different from Diamonds only in their chemical properties and NOT physical properties. Which means that they look and shine like a diamond forever but chemically Diamonds are pure Carbon whereas Moissanite is a compound consisting of Silica & Carbon (SiC). But this does NOT affect the durability of a Moissanite in any way!

What Is Forever One?
Forever One is a grade of Moissanite which is equivalent to the Colorless (DEF) Color of Diamond.

What Is Forever Brilliant?
Forever Brilliant is a grade of Moissanite which is equivalent to the Near Colorless (GHI) Color of Diamond.

Is The Jewelry Set In Gold?
Yes, all our Jewelry is set in 14k or 18k Gold. The colour of the gold can be chosen from White, Yellow or Pink.

Do You Manufacture In Silver? / Is The Jewelry Set In Silver? / Do You Deal In Platinum? / Can You Make The Jewelry In Silver Or Platinum?
• We do not deal in silver. We deal only in 14k or 18k solid Gold
• Yes we deal in platinum jewelry also
• All of our Jewelry is 100% solid gold and not gold plated

Are Moissanites Available In All Shapes & Sizes?
• Yes, Moissanites are available in all shapes Like Round, Princess, Pear, Square, Oval, Trillion, Triangle, Marquise, Emerald and Cushion.
• They are also available in all sizer from 0.05 ct to 15 ct.
• Sizes below 2.5 mm (0.05 ct) do not have all 57 facets like larger sizes and have only 16 facets known as a single cut.

Is There Any Weight Difference Between Moissanite And Diamonds? / Does Moissanite Weigh Less?
Yes, Moissanite is lighter than diamond; Approximate 15% to 20% lighter.
For Eg: Diamond & Moissanite of the same diameter of 6.5 mm will weigh 1 carat in a Diamond and approximately 0.87 carat in a Moissanite

On The Website, It Shows A Pair Of Solitaire Earrings Is 1ct – Does It Mean 1ct Each Or 1ct For The Pair?
It means 1 ct for the pair and refers to total equivalent weight in Diamonds as per the mm size

Is There Free Shipping? / What Are The Shipping Charges?
We provide free shipping on all orders within the US and Canada.