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BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)

What is BIS?

BIS stands for Bureau of Indian Standards, which is a national standard-setting body in India. In the jewelry industry, BIS is responsible for setting standards and guidelines for jewelry quality and safety.

What is their role?

BIS hallmarking is a certification process that ensures the purity of the metal used in making the jewelry. The hallmark is a mark or symbol that is stamped onto the jewelry, indicating the metal purity and the authenticity of the jewelry.

The BIS hallmark includes the BIS logo, the purity of the metal, the fineness of the metal, the jeweler's identification mark, and the year of hallmarking.

What is it's importance?

The BIS hallmarking system is mandatory for gold jewelry in India, and it ensures that the jewelry sold in the country meets the quality and safety standards set by BIS. The hallmarking system helps consumers make informed choices while purchasing jewelry and protects them from fraudulent practices.

BIS hallmarking is an important aspect of the jewelry industry, and as a jewelry seller, it is crucial to ensure that your jewelry meets the BIS standards and carries the BIS hallmark.