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Why Is Jewelry So Valuable?

Why Is Jewelry So Valuable?

A jewelry purchase can often be time consuming and challenging. This is because it involves huge trasanctions between the buyer and seller. In this blog we would love to explain WHY jewelry holds so much value in terms of its price tag!

We all have come across that moment in life, of being awestruck after witnessing a spectacular piece of jewelry shining in front of our eyes, but hesitate to make the purchase due to the price. Yes, there is no escaping the fact that Jewelry products are expensive, however there are a few reasons to justify that price tag on your dream wedding jewelry set.

Why Jewelry is Expensive?

The jewelry making process consists of shaping & molding several raw materials into that wealthy looking product placed in front of your eyes. It begins with the precious metal; Gold. Gold extraction is a difficult & expensive process, which increases the final value of the metal. It is a metal that has been socially accepted as a valuable commodity all over the world and hence accounts for a huge portion of that price tag.

Diamonds; one of the rarest minerals extracted from the Earth, is the reason for that sparkling feeling while flaunting your jewelry. Natural Diamonds can be expensive due to the costly process of procuring them. This being a major factor, jewelers are now opting for a more sustainable, conflict free and affordable method of Lab Grown Diamonds.

The fine craftsmen of this game, Jewelry designers, put immense creativity and thought into getting the finest of designs at your doorstep. The entire jewelry making process is labor intensive also, adding a major human cost to the final amount.

Why is jewelry worth it?

‘Jewelry is a woman’s best friend.' Jewelry isn't just an accessory to women, it is a part of who she is and what she represents. It has the power to exhibit her personality and lay out the best features when paired with the right piece of jewelry for that occasion.

Everytime a woman places a ring on her finger, it sparks a sense of happiness. Every time a woman sits a necklace around her neck, it ignites a sense of self confidence and love. It holds so much value, because it makes every woman feel unique. Jewelry; a work of art, is the result of the synergy showcased by several departments under one roof. Hence, when in doubt as to what to gift your woman; an elegant piece of jewelry, can never go wrong!

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