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Unique Ways to Propose with Fiona Diamonds this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, a celebration of love and affection, is fast approaching, and what better way to mark this occasion than with a proposal? If you're planning to pop the question this Valentine's, keep in mind to plan the proposal to your partner's preferences and personality, since it's a moment they shall cherish forever.


Starlit Dinner

Arrange a private, candlelit dinner under the stars. As you toast to your love, present your partner with a dazzling Fiona Diamonds ring. Let the twinkling diamonds mirror the sparkle in your partner's eyes as you ask for forever!

Moonstruck Lab Diamond Ring

Memory Lane Movie Night

Create a personalized movie featuring highlights of your relationship, accompanied by your favorite songs and cherished memories. As the credits roll, get down on one knee with a Fiona Diamonds engagement ring and promise to continue creating beautiful moments together.

Quaint Lab Diamond Ring


Love Notes in a Bottle

Write heartfelt messages expressing your love and hopes for the future on small pieces of paper. Place them inside a decorative bottle along with a Fiona Diamonds ring. Let your partner read each note as they marvel at the beauty of their new jewellery, soaking in the final note that asks for their hand in marriage.

Eternal Lab Diamond Ring

Adventure Proposal

If you and your partner thrive for adventures, plan an outing such as hiking to a scenic overlook or taking a hot air balloon ride. When you reach the perfect spot, present your partner with a Fiona Diamonds ring against the backdrop of breathtaking views, symbolizing the heights of your love.

Eros Lab Diamond Ring

Breakfast in Bed Surprise

Start the day off right by preparing a decadent breakfast in bed for your partner. As they savor every bite, surprise them with a diamond ring nestled amongst the tray. Let the first meal of the day be filled with love and the promise of a future together.

Tender Lab Diamond Ring

Enchanted Garden Proposal

Transform your backyard or a picturesque garden into a fairy-tale setting with fairy lights, candles, and floral decorations. As your partner takes in the beauty of the surroundings, present them with a Fiona Diamonds jewellery set, symbolizing the blossoming of your love.


Valentine Lab Diamond Ring

No matter how you choose to propose, let Fiona Diamonds be a part of your love story this Valentine's Day. Make this Valentine's Day one to remember with a proposal that shines as brightly as your love. Shop now

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