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Auction Rules & Regulations

  • A bidder can win the auction only if the reserve price has been met.
  • Reserve price, is the lowest price at which a seller is willing to sell a product. This price will remain undisclosed to any participant.
  • Bid increments are applicable only in multiple of 1000's.
  • We do not provide cash on delivery facility.
  • The winner shall be notified via e-mail, after the auction period.
  • If you have been outbid by another participant, you shall receive a notification via email
  • All the bids, including the highest bid can be viewed on the product page by clicking on 'view bids.' Stay active to grab the product!
  • To keep a fair spirit of the game, the winners have to honour their purchase within 2 hours.
  • If the winners fail to honour their purchase, they will be banned from playing future auctions.