How To Wear
Your Wedding Ring

Fiona guides you to wear your wedding band as per your choice and personality, whether you choose it to wear together with your engagement ring or to be worn individually.

Wedding band can be matched with your engagement ring in two ways- Straight bands or contoured bands.

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A straight wedding band are simply classic. These refined bands complementing your engagement ring will never go out of style. Glittering diamonds accents provide sophisticated sparkle that reflects your abiding love and commitment.

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A contoured wedding band is particularly designed to match the contours of an engagement ring. It means that the face of the band slightly curves around the centrepiece of your engagement ring that stays straight for the rest of the part.

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You might be looking for a unique style of wedding band which you don't want it to be stacked with your engagement ring. You may also prefer wearing your wedding band separately to showcase more sparkle and shine.

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You might be looking for a different style of more than one wedding band that can be stacked together for a stylish look. Stacked wedding bands can be worn individually or can be worn together as per your preference and style.

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