Following the key differences between Lab Grown Diamonds and Mined diamonds:

Lab Grown DiamondsMined Diamonds
Origin Our Lab Grown Diamonds are sourced from first world countries as they are created and cut in a controlled lab environment. By the time a mined diamond jewelry reaches you, it has so many hands that its origins can’t be traced. Most lab will list the origin as ‘assumed origin’ in diamond certificates.
Environmental Impcat No Environmental impact, because lab grown diamonds are made in controlled lab environment. Diamond mining results in 100’s of hectares of soil being disturbed, excessive carbon emissions and after greenhouse gas emission that leads to affect air quality.
Conflict Free Lab Grown Diamonds are created without negatively harming any communities. No Mined Diamonds can be guaranteed conflict free, even if it is certified by Kimberley Process.
Price Lab Grown diamonds are up to 40% than Mined diamods. Mined Diamonds is artificially controlled, with prices more than the actual worth of it.
Quality Lab Grown diamonds are of superior quality. As type IIa, they are the purest form of diamonds. 98% of mined diamonds are type Ia, these diamonds are very common and contain impurities