It is not difficult to choose a metal colour for your wedding band. To choose a perfect metal colour, it is very important to know that it should always complement your engagement ring if it is to be stacked together. Accordingly, you can choose a metal colour that even enhance and suits your and your partner's personality.

To complement your engagement ring, you can choose a perfect metal colour – yellow, white and rose.

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A yellow gold is a versatile metal. It is combined with other metals such as zinc and copper to make a stronger alloy. The durability of a metal depends on the actual pure gold content.

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White gold has a cool, sophisticated gleam. White Gold is a metal created by combining pure gold with other alloys such as palladium, manganese or nickel. The strength and durability of white gold is due to the presence of nickel.

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Rose gold is a metal made by combining gold and copper alloy that is sometimes referred to as red gold or pink gold. Rose Gold showcases a vintage style and a unique romantic look to your engagement and wedding rings.

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