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Diamond Pendants

Diamond Pendants for Women

Diamond pendants are an accessory that makes a bold statement when you walk into a room. Diamond pendant designs focus on the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond, which makes it a great piece of jewelry for women looking to add some bling to their outfit.

Since diamond pendants are so versatile, there are multifarious designs that you can come across. For example, they are made in a variety of shapes like, round diamond pendant, square diamond pendant, heart shaped diamond pendant and many more. Hence, adding a diamond pendant to your jewelry collection is a must.

Diamond Pendants for Every Occasion

Adding some bling to your outfit is the new trend. Diamond pendants will help you add some sparkle to your outfit at any occasion! Whether it is a house party, birthday dinner, anniversary party or marriage, diamond pendants do the job flawlessly. Here’s why:

  1. House Party- Blasting music, dance and drinks is what house parties look like. Amongst all this craziness and fun, flaunting a lightweight diamond pendant design is a good choice. This way, you can comfortably dance the night away.
  2. Birthday Dinner- A semi-formal get together of friends and family where everyone is dressed really well. You want to choose something casual yet elegant. Hence, a modern diamond pendant design would complement your outfit really well.
  3. Marriage- Positive vibes, celebrations and love. You want to wear an outfit and jewelry that matches this vibe. An infinity diamond pendant design or circle of love diamond pendant perfectly suits this occasion. This way you are cherishing and appreciating the occasion even more.
  4. Daily Wear- Who says you need an occasion to flaunt your jewelry. Jewelry is a part of you, therefore if you are looking for jewelry to wear on a daily basis, check simple diamond pendant designs. They are minimalistic and budget friendly. 

Buy Diamond Pendants Online

With so many options to choose from, buying a diamond pendant just takes a few clicks. At Fiona Diamonds, we have more than 150 diamond pendant designs for you to choose from.

Starting from ₹7,000 going up all the way to ₹3,00,000 our collection of diamond pendant has options to satisfy every budget and style. Additionally, this collection can help you find a great gift for her!