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indian woman wearing traditional jewelry adjusting her bracelet

Jewelry buying guide this Diwali

Jewelry speaks alot about a woman's style and personality. In this blog, we would love to walk you through the various types of jewelry buying styles that we have encountered over the past 20 years!

The festive season has arrived and so might have your back to back Diwali party invites. Diwali; the season of wealth and prosperity is a nationwide celebration. An auspicious time of the year, where we all love dressing up in traditional attire. What better way to compliment your looks other than some sparkling jewelry! Making the right choice can be challenging, hence, we would love to help you identify your style and then make the correct decision.

1. The Minimalist

If you are someone who loves falling back to the basics, you probably prefer some subtle and elegant looking jewelry. Elevate your minimalistic traditional attire this diwali, by flaunting some Classic rings, pendants & earrings.

2. The Social Bee

Always looking for some Bling! Whether it's a house party or a casual meet up with friends, if you love carrying fancy and expressive jewelry with you, consider yourself a social bee. Loud and bold jewelry, like three stone rings or designer pendants, is what this style is all about. Jewelry under this style can often be expensive, however you can choose an affordable and sustainable option by sticking with Lab Diamond products.

3. The Traditional Patron

Always looking for a timeless piece that lasts long and holds great sentimental value; the Traditional Patron. Indian culture is filled with great pride, elegance and beauty. Personalities that love flaunting their love for tradition and culture belong to this tyle. Whether its a gold mangalsutra or a gold bangle, its always the feeling of carrying your pride with you.

4. The Exclusive Explorer

Being unique is the ‘Unique Selling Point’ of this style. Unlike the classic or traditional designs, an exclusive explorer is always on the hunt for something extremely fascinating and uncommon. Just like our freshly launched, Neo Collection, you can find several other unique products in our Halo Rings collection too!

5. The Occasional Being

Few of us love wearing jewelry, but only when there is a reason. This style encompasses individuals who adore wearing their jewelry only on occasions such as wedding, anniversary, birthday or festive occasions, like Diwali! The type of jewelry is specific according to the purpose of wearing it. Mangalsutras and gold bangles can be worn during traditional events.


Choosing your jewelry can be a time consuming process hence, we at Fiona Diamonds, would love to assist you in picking the right piece of jewelry for you. Fiona Diamonds is a one stop destination for all your jewelry needs, and we can help you simplfy your jewelry buying experience this diwali!

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